The best winter safety tips for your home are preventative actions you can take to guard your property against freezing temperatures.

Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter Safety

Frozen pipes cause damages that are expensive to repair. Avoid the nightmare of burst pipes by taking precautions prior to the onset of winter. Exposed pipes should be insulated, in addition to plumbing near an exterior wall. During extremely cold weather, let faucets slowly drip to prevent pipes from freezing. Open the doors of the under sink cabinets to improve the air circulation around the pipes.

You might choose to turn off your water and drain your pipes if you will be absent from the house during the winter.

Control Heat Loss

A difference in temperature between the middle of your roof and the edge of the roof can cause ice dams.

An ice dam blocks the drainage of rain or melting snow, creating a reservoir of standing water on your roof that may leak into your home. Not only can the standing water damage the interior of your home, but a falling ice dam is also a hazard to anyone walking beneath the eaves.

Insulation in the ceiling or attic keeps warm air inside, decreasing your heating costs and protecting against ice dams.

Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Reading your homeowner’s insurance policy isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it is important to understand what is covered.

In order for most policies to take effect in the event of damage, the home must have been maintained to a reasonable quality. Get clear on your insurance provider’s definition of reasonable maintenance and winterization to protect yourself when you need to make a claim.

Have Your Home Inspected for Winter Safety

Loose shingles or flashing lead to roof leaks. Leaks in your home cause water damage, mildew, mold, and problems that make your home unhealthy and unsafe. Have a professional inspect your roof to protect the investment you made in your home.

By taking these precautions in winter, you can make your home a safer and more comfortable place to live.

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